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The 3rd Annual Dream Event
October 12, 2022 from Noon-3pm

Experience an event like no other! You will get the stories,

knowledge, and tools for your success.

It will be held October 12, 2022, at the Hudson High School Auditorium in Hudson, OH. from noon - 3 pm.

We are happy to confirm our two speakers for our next dream event on Oct. 12, 2022.

1.  Jon Peterson - VP of Zoological Operations at SeaWorld Orlando, Head of SeaWorld Orlando’s Rescue Team, and Chairman of the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership

2. Jodi L. Berg PhD - Past CEO & President of

Vitamix Corportation

The Dream Event
October 2022

The objective of The Dream Event - October 2022

5 min, 35 sec. version of the highlights. from Jan. 2019 event

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Oct. 12, 2022

Experience an event like no other! You will get the stories, knowledge, and tools for your success.


“The Dream Event”, will feature executive guest speakers, give student attendees the opportunity to listen to leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and others speak about how they followed their dreams. They will speak of their experiences and how to pave a path and how to follow your own dreams. Students will be able to ask questions and learn how the panel members overcame their struggles to achieve their dreams. This engaging conference is meant to motivate and inspire our next generation of leaders to dream big and have the tools to achieve their dreams.

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Oct. 12, 2022
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Jodi L. Berg PhD
Past CEO & President of Vitamix

Jodi Berg, recognized as an international presenter and driver of personal purpose and culture as an agent of change, recently retired as a 4th generation President and CEO of Vitamix, a 100 year young, Cleveland based family-owned company.


She is recognized for making Vitamix the world leader in high-performance blending, catapulting the brand from beloved to iconic, and expanding distribution to over 130 countries. Jodi successfully navigated over 400% organic growth by transforming the organizational structure, articulating the company purpose, mission and business objectives and creating a powerful purpose driven culture. 


Prior to joining Vitamix Jodi held leadership positions in The Residence Inn by Marriott and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. 

Jodi graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Business Administration, received an MBA from Washington State University and a Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University. Her research is on purpose and employee engagement. 

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Jon Peterson
 VP of Zoological Operations at SeaWorld Orlando, Head of SeaWorld Orlando’s Rescue Team

Jon Peterson, started his career at Hudson, Ohio as a 1993 graduate, while working at SeaWorld, Aurora’s mailroom. Through hard work and perseverance, he never gave up on his dream and is now VP of Zoological Operations of SeaWorld, Orlando  head of rescue in Orlando. and Chairman of the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation PartnershipHe is always on call for any animal that needs rescuing.  Over the last 55+ years, SeaWorld has rescued over 40,000 animals.

JP, says raising an orphaned manatee baby (or neonate) for release back into the wild takes three years, and they will spend around $600,000 on every neonate that comes in.

"We will bottle-feed every three hours for the first year," Peterson said. "We will start giving them a little bit of lettuce at about month three. At about a year, we start transitioning, we get them out in our exhibit, where we literally go hands-off."

SeaWorld Orlando serves as one of only five critical care facilities in the U.S. for the treatment and care of injured, sick, and orphaned animals, including manatees. SeaWorld can accommodate up to 70 manatees at its Orlando rescue facility at one time.

JP can also be seen frequently on the show Sea Rescue on ABC. 

"Grit looks different for me every day, because my team does anything it takes, no matter how long or how many hours, to ensure that an animal is taken care of. Sometimes the work can be dirty, like the time we climbed down a sewer pipe trying to rescue manatees that were stuck. Sometimes it exhausts you physically, like the time I held an animal for 24 hours nonstop and couldn’t stand up straight to stretch my back for fear the animal would drown (I’m 6’6”, so imagine the pain!). Or it’s emotionally tough. There are times I have to sit on the beach with people who’ve been caring for a stranded animal for hours and I have to break the news to them that it’s not going to make it." - Jon Peterson

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